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I'm Yarco, a Sr. programmer, mainly focus on "php/nodejs/python". Interests including "c/c++", "R", "erlang".

Workstation: Mac Pro 15 inches (16G+ memory)

希望拥有: 一支毛笔, 一根萧, 一把剑, 一架飞艇(家)
Wish i could have: a Writing Brush, a Xiao, a Sword, an Airship as home

No dreaming, action!!!

Actually i want to be whole human leader...
(You didn't see it, do you?)

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Lang ::= php:php | js:javascript | py:python | c:c | *:mixed | u:unknown
Status ::= i:initialized | p:in-process | t:trial-version | f:finished-version | s:stopped

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