I'm Yarco, i'm a leader. Mainly focus on PHP, can also deal with nodejs/python.
My interests are wide, but now fixed, see more in my programming languages.
(prefer workstation: Mac Pro 15 inches with 16G+ memory)
my resume (in linkedin) @github

希望拥有: 一把剑, 一匹马
Wish i could have: a Sword, a horse

From 2016-07-22, he does everything for God(from Bible) / Tao(from Local, not daoism)

programming related stuff

Lang ::= php:php | go:go | qt:qt/c++ | py:python | js:javascript | *:mixed | u:unknown
Status ::= i:initialized | p:in-process | t:trial-version | f:finished-version | s:stopped

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